French Drains and Your Home’s Foundation

French Drains and Your Home’s Foundation

French drains especially in North Texas can be a great way to ensure proper water runoff from the exterior of your home.

Irrigation specialists or handy DIYers’ can install a 24″ deep channel with a proper downhill slope to help route water away from the home’s foundation. Once the channel is dug out, corrugated piping is installed in the channel and filled with top gravel.

Ensuring the proper slope of your newly installed French drains are critical to ensure that water does not back-up in the drain and that it properly flows in the intended direction. If your french drains are not properly installed they can cause even more headaches for homeowners and create additional foundation issues down the road.

As we mentioned in our last post on ensuring your gutters are properly installed on your home you will want to make sure that the roof-runoff is also directed so that it has a chance to flow away from the home or ultimately into your french drain system.

With the spring rain coming right around the corner now is a good time to take a look around the house and ensure that you have proper drainage away from your foundation.

Being properly informed about your home’s foundation¬†is one of the easiest ways to avoid unnecessary¬†repairs, saving you time and money. So before you start digging, give the team at CCM Engineering a call today to schedule a Foundation Inspection.