How to Prevent Soil Erosion

How to Prevent Soil Erosion

Top soil is your home’s security blanket. Without it, your home is exposed to the elements and is more susceptible to frequent contractions and expansions. The constant movement of soil leads to the degradation of your home’s foundation. Here are a few helpful tips for preventing soil erosion.

Plant Plants!
Whenever soil is bare it is more susceptible to being eroded by harsh weather conditions, such as wind and rain. The addition of plants and grasses helps to provide a barrier from these conditions. Plant roots are also effective in holding soil together, limiting its erosion.

Improve Drainage
Heavy rains can wash away soil, leaving your foundation exposed. By having proper drainage, water can be mitigated away from your home, protecting the soil surrounding your foundation.

Retaining Walls
Retaining walls help to create level areas within a slope. This helps to stabilize soil and prevent it from running downhill. Retaining walls are a key in preventing erosion in areas that feature a steep grade.

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