Leaning Chimneys

Leaning Chimneys

Have you noticed that your chimney is looking particularly lopsided? Are you worried about Santa’s ability to squirm through your tilted chimney on Christmas Eve? Then you may be in need of repairs. Leaning chimneys are not only unattractive, but can also be a warning sign of probable foundation issues.

If these issues are ignored, the you may face additional issues such as:

-Water damage occurring when rain seeps through cracks within your chimney

-Infestations as bugs and rodents can now enter your home via cracks

-Smoke being retained in your home as the structural damage can cause problems with chimney insulation

If you have a leaning chimney, schedule an inspection with CCM Engineering here. We will work with you to provide solutions to your foundation issues. Call us at 972-691-6633.