What to Look for in a Foundation Repair Company

What to Look for in a Foundation Repair Company

Everything needs to be built on a solid foundation, especially your home. In North Texas, unstable soil conditions and variable precipitation sometimes destabilize foundations.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

The telltale signs are subtle at first. They may become more noticeable years later. You might see nails popping out of your drywall or cracks in the interior walls. Doors and windows get hard to close. Joints open up around door and window frames.

You may not be sure whether you have a foundation problem or not. At this point, you need to consult with a foundation repair company you can trust. If you eventually approve a significant foundation repair, you also want to know it will be done right. 

Tips for Selecting the Right Foundation Repair Specialist

You want to find a foundation repair company with the expertise you need that delivers the value you deserve. Here are some tips for finding a quality foundation repair service.

Ratings & reviews

Do a little research on the internet. See what the Better Business Bureau has to say about the company. Third-party sites like Yelp, Home Adviser and Angie’s List include reviews of foundation repair companies in your area.

Professional affiliations

Ask about professional affiliations. For example, the non-profit National Foundation Repair Association (NFRA) is headquartered in Spring Branch, TX. The NFRA certifies contractors as foundation repair specialists.

Unbiased assessments

It’s often a good idea to start with a neutral evaluation by an independent structural engineer. This is a professional who is there to serve you and you only. The engineer will recommend what you need to correct foundation deficiencies and to stabilize your home. Compare this unbiased assessment to what various foundation repair companies suggest. 

Questions to Ask Foundation Repair Companies

To expedite your search for a good foundation specialist, ask direct, focused questions:

  1. How long have you been in business, and do you have references?
  2. What specific experience do you have with foundation repair?
  3. What method of foundation repair will you use?
  4. Will you send workers that are employees of your company?
  5. Will there be a supervisor on site? 
  6. How does your warranty work?

Make sure the company is aware of any permits your municipality might require. A local company may be more familiar with applicable building codes. Ask for proof of insurance. Contractors must carry worker’s comp insurance and liability insurance. 

With most foundation problems, time is on your side. Most uneven settling doesn’t happen overnight. Take some time to identify the best foundation repair company for your situation. At the same time, don’t procrastinate. Those cracks and gaps will not go away. In fact, they may get worse. Don’t risk avoidable structural damage by doing nothing.

Finding a Foundation Inspection Company in Dallas, Fort Worth

CCM Engineering conducts expert foundation inspections in Dallas, Fort Worth, and throughout the greater North Texas area. Our team understands the special challenges presented by North Texas soils and moisture fluctuations as well as other issues that can impact your home’s foundation. 

When you observe or suspect foundation problems, contact us for a professional inspection. For prompt, friendly assistance, please call us anytime at 972.691.6633. Or, contact us online.