Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

Buying a Home with Foundation Issues –

The Realization

Imagine this, you find a home you absolutely love. The house has the refinished kitchen you have always wanted, enough closet space for your entire wardrobe, and the yard space your dog dreams about. However, you find out it has foundation issues.

The Shock

This alone might make you think the home of your dreams has now turned into a nightmare. Before you throw away the idea of your dream kitchen, it is important to note that you may be able to get these issues easily fixed at a reasonable cost.

The Call to Action

It is crucial to get a foundation inspection before moving forward with the purchase. This inspection will give you a forecast of how much repairs may cost. This information combined with the price of the home will be the biggest indicator of whether the home is worth purchasing.

The Relief

Foundation issues are very common, especially in Texas. Luckily, CCM Engineering is here to help. By scheduling a foundation inspection, we can help you identify the problem and come up with practical solutions to solve it.  Don’t let foundation issues deter you from your dream home, get an inspection today with CCM Engineering.