Expansive Clay Soil’s Effect on your Home

Expansive Clay Soil’s Effect on your Home

What is Expansive Clay Soil?

The Lonestar State is home to an abundance of expansive clay soil, and the Dallas- Fort Worth area is no exception. This soil contains smectite clay, which depending on its moisture content, will swell or shrink. The inconsistent weather conditions of Texas lead to varying moisture levels within clay soil, thus causing the earth around the soil to shift.

Dry Weather

Dry weather can cause clay soil to contract and thus leaves room between your foundation and its surrounding soil. This can cause the destabilization of your foundation which will eventually lead to cracks.

Wet Weather

Clay soil offers little drainage, meaning it will absorb rainwater. This absorption leads to the swelling of your soil, which will put upward pressure on your home.

Next Steps

If you live in the DFW area, you likely have expansive clay soil. If you have been experiencing turbulent weather conditions, it is time for a foundation inspection. Book an appointment with CCM Engineering today to get an accurate analysis of your home’s foundation.